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Independence Day Tuesday July 4th 2017
Posted by Patrick Taylor on 30 June 2017 10:07 AM


Tuesday, July 4th MultiSoft Offices in Florida and Las Vegas will be closed in observance of our national Holiday. 

Our Philippines, Thailand and Singapore offices will remain open, however, availability of live support may be limited.

For minor issues or questions, please visit our Helpdesk ( for our FAQ or to submit a trouble ticket.

In the event of an emergency, Please call our emergency support line at +1 866-946-4508

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Scheduled Maintenance Coming

We wish to notify all of our Clients of scheduled maintenance coming to MarketPowerPRO. We will be performing maintenance on our SQLD and SQLC database servers Sunday, July 9th, 2017, 03:00 AM EST. This maintenance will affect all clients. However, downtime is expected to be less than 1-hour maximum.

These changes will help our MarketPowerPRO cloud-based software platform provide blazing fast response times and the fastest performance possible to our clients and their customers even in times of high database usage.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call or email your account executive, call us at 1-800-415-0554, or email us at


Bonus of the Week: Retail / Wholesale Bonus

The retail / wholesale bonus is standard to all three of the main compensation plan types (Binary, Unilevel, Matrix) and it functions exactly the same in each instance. A retail wholesale bonus pays the difference between any wholesale and sales prices assessed on an order. For example, a customer would pay the retail price, the distributor pays wholesale, and the retail wholesale bonus would calculate the difference and then pass the specified bonus amount up to the distributors direct sponsor.

The retail / wholesale bonus also works within the preferred customer discount programs that we offer. For example, when a customer signs up for an Autoship, you may want to give them a discount. That discount is calculated into the retail wholesale bonus and the adjusted bonus paid to the sponsor would reflect that discounted amount, rather than a sale at the full retail price.


New Training Videos Available

Our team is constantly working to build the best training and help resources for our MarketPowerPRO Software. Check out some of the new training videos that were added this week!

Image Manager
Create A Product Assign To Category
Product is Available for kit
SKU Filter Public and Customer Only
Product Tab Video
Product Tab Review
Inserting Form and Elements
Custom Menus



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MultiSoft's MarketPowerPRO now supports Stripe as a Payment Gateway!

Today, MarketPowerPRO adds another Payment Gateway option to it's list of supported Payment solutions; Stripe. Stripe has engineered their platform to let you start accepting payments in less than 10 minutes. Stripe accepts all major credit cards from customers around the world on the web or in mobile apps in 135+ different currencies.

Go beyond credit cards and support bank and direct payments (ACH), local payment wallets, and cryptocurrency (Bitcoin)

*Note: As with other mainstream Payment Gateways like PayPal and Amazon Pay, Stripe does not fully support MLM's and may not approve all account requests. They will evaluate businesses individually and make decisions on a case by case basis.


Once you have registered and created an account, you will need your API Key and Currency Code (USD by default) to enable Stripe payments on your MarketPowerPRO System. Click on the link below to watch the video and see how to start accepting payments through Stripe today!


New Training Videos Available

Our team is constantly working to build the best training and help resources for our MarketPowerPRO Software. Check out some of the new training videos that were added this week!

Numbered and Bullet list
Product Categories
Adding a Product Image
Social Media Profile
Display in Shop
Training on Files
Product Tabs
Public Photo and Details
Strip Word Formatting
Primary Product Information


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Did You Know We Have Sales Tax Solutions To Reduce Your Workload?

MarketPowerPRO integrates directly with Avalara Tax Automation

Sales tax nexus is the connection between a seller and a state that requires the seller to collect and remit tax on sales made in that state. If you have nexus in California and Texas, for example, you must collect and remit sales tax in California and Texas.

Online sellers can generate sales tax nexus through a range of selling activities, even with just a few employees. Even if you have a company with a single location — say, a California garage — you may be expected to pay sales tax in a dozen states or more, just from making a few small changes to how your products are shipped and sold.

Each state where you do business has its own nexus laws. Many states have also expanded their definitions of nexus in recent years. There are more than 12,000 sales tax jurisdictions in the United States alone and each is associated with a specific tax rate. So determining where your business has nexus can be complicated and time-consuming.

MultiSoft is proud to have a strategic partnership with Avalara ( in order to help accommodate the needs of our clients, and ultimately to help YOU spend more time focusing on your products, distributors, and message instead of trying to stay current on worldwide tax law changes.

Click on the link below to watch the how-to video to setup Avalara Tax Automation Services on your MarketPowerPRO system.


If you are not already making use of Avalara's Sales Tax Automation services and would like to, or would like to learn more about them, contact your account executive at 1-800-415-0554 or click on the link below!


New Training Videos Available

Our team is constantly working to build the best training and help resources for our MarketPowerPRO Software. Check out some of the new training videos that were added this week!

Enabled Flag on Enrollment Options
Insert Symbol WYSIWYG Editor
Long Description
Short Description
Banner Management
No Shipping Involved
Part of Enrollment Option
Add To Cart
Date and Time


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MarketPowerPRO runs on a Global Network Infrastructure

MarketPowerPRO is a central source-code, cloud-based software application so it's not surprising that we're frequently asked about our network. Have you ever been curious what it takes to run an enterprise-level cloud-based application?

Tech Specs:
10 Terabytes of storage (All Solid-State SSD Drives), That's roughly the equivalent of 6,250 full-length movies at 1080p!
180 Virtual CPU's
And 562GB of Memory. Take that iMac Pro!

MarketPowerPRO is powered by cutting edge technologies and a global network to ensure the highest performance possible. Our primary hosting network operates via more than a half-dozen high-tech data centers across the east coast of the United States. Each location equipped with multiple redundant fiber providers and multiple tier 1 IP providers ensuring that any single failure point cannot bring down your business.

MarketPowerPRO uses a Content Delivery Network (CDN) made up of 115 data centers across the globe making it able to load your content quickly for visitors in every region worldwide.

You don't have to worry about the loss of your data with MarketPowerPRO because all of our system data is backed up daily across multiple redundant servers so that your data is never lost or unretrievable.

Unlike many smaller companies that rely strictly on their own hosting company's DNS, MarketPowerPRO uses a Cloud-DNS and the world's largest global DNS network to eliminate delays or downtime caused by DNS failures and outages.

We believe that the software is only as good as the experience you provide to your clients and we are constantly working to provide you with the best resources and technology available. If you have any other questions about the network that powers your MarketPowerPRO system, contact your account executive today!

New Training Videos Available

Our team is constantly working to build the best training and help resources for our MarketPowerPRO Software. Check out some of the new training videos that were added this week!

SKU Filter Option (Public and Distributor Only)
Min/Max Price Range on Payment Gateway
Packaging Tab Menu on Product SKU Section
Autoship Cart Settings Under Product SKU Section
Deduct Primary Product SKU From Inventory
Deduct Included SKU's From Inventory
Shipping Price Highest to Lowest
Add Distributor as Admin


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Setting the MultiSoft Payment Due & Invoices Visibility for Admins

Have you ever found yourself wishing that you could change the MultiSoft payment notifications, whether that be to turn them off or make them only visible to specific users?

Up until now, MarketPowerPRO has generated a "Click Now to Pay" or "Click Here to Skip" notification for Administrators upon login to the MarketPowerPRO Back-Office. This system has helped to keep accounts current by providing not only notification of payments coming due, but a quick and convenient way to make the payments.

We've now added a requested enhancement to this feature allowing you to limit these notification messages to only specific users

Watch the video below from MultiSoft President, Robert Proctor about the new enhancement to user management roles and how to change the visibility of these notification messages in your MarketPowerPRO system.


Fulfilling Solutions: Big Monkey

MultiSoft's MarketPowerPRO Platform is now integrated with Big Monkey 3PL (

Big Monkey provides another way for you to get out of the warehouse and fulfillment management business and concentrate on building your network marketing company. Big Monkey handles fulfilling your orders and delivers your product both domestically and internationally; providing you and your customers with tracking information on their purchases. They will inform you when inventory levels need replenishing and will provide an interface for you to easily track all logistics related to your product shipments.

In order to enable Big Monkey as a fulfillment provider for your own products, you must first contact Big Monkey to setup your account. They will need to know specifics about how you want to configure your SKUs & inventory, as well as determine shipping policies and processes. Once this is done, your setup within MarketPowerPRO is very simple and requires only 6 pieces of data, all of them will be supplied by Big Monkey (3PL Key, ID, Login, Password, FacilityId, and CustomerId).

If you have any questions, please contact your account executive!

Packing Slip Reports

Would you like to be able to download and view your packing slips? What about a report that would allow you download specific lists of packing slips filtering by factors such as date range, product types, vendors, or order status?

Click on the link below to watch the video and create your own Packing Slip Reports.


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