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Have You Upgraded Your MarketPowerPRO MLM Software to a Mobile Responsive Website yet?

Take advantage of our MarketPowerPRO Mobile Upgrade Sale available now, discounting your Mobile-Responsive Website upgrade by 50%! That's right! If you act now, you can upgrade your website using any of the 18 available designs for only $500!

With less than 2 Weeks Remaining on our Mobile Upgrade Sale, NOW is the time to upgrade your MarketPowerPRO Website to a Mobile Responsive design!

By the numbers...

  • There are now more Mobile than Desktop Users on the internet globally.
  • US Smartphone penetration increased in every age demographic in 2016 with Millennials well over 90% and overall penetration approaching 80%.
  • Multi-Platform usage has become the norm, requiring your website to be easily usable from the mobile devices your customers are using.
  • 2 in 3 Digital Media minutes go to Mobile Device Users.
  • Mobile Spending accounted for $1 of every $6 in digital commerce for the US in 2015. 


This discount is only available for the month of January! Don't ignore it, Capture that mobile traffic! On February 1st, the upgrade price will go back up to it's full rate of $1,000!

Click Here to View Our 18 Available Site Designs

If you have any questions, please contact your Account Executive at +1-239-945-6433 or 1-888-415-0554

MultiSoft Corporation


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Today we have an exciting new feature to share with you.

As we continually work to make MarketPowerPRO more friendly to mobile devices, we've also managed to make it simpler and easier to use than ever.

In the coming weeks, we will be rolling out a mass update to provide even more value to our clients. With this update, you should notice a newly redesigned menu available from your administrator account in your MarketPowerPRO Software. We've put extra effort into making this new menu more visual and easier to use.


You will see our new Administrator Menu upon login on the main dashboard.

This new mobile responsive Administrator Menu will allow your team quick access to an extensive feature set:

  • Company
    • Corporate Profile, Key Performance Indicators, Modules, Registration Settings, Genealogy, Financial Settings, Shipping Management, Newsletter Management, News Management, Notification Emails & Event Log Management, Calendar & Event Management, Announcement Management
  • Compensation Plan Settings
    • Enrollment Options, Preferred Customer Settings, Calculate Commissions, Credit Card Transfer, Upgrade
  • Website Management 
    • Change Website Design, Publish Content, Site Settings, SEO Settings, Page Management, Menu Management, Site Localization, Recycle Bin
  • Products Management 
    • Product Management, Warehouse Management, Tax Management, Discount Coupons, Product Information Report
  • Order Management 
    • Order Sequence Settings, Add Order, Search Orders, Order Payments, UPS WorldShip, Deleted Order History, Packing List Report
  • Security
    • Secret Questions, Auto Account Lock Settings, Role Management
  • User Controls and Restrictions
    • User Management, Export Customer Attributes, Deletion History, New Dashboard
  • Support
    • On-Boarding Wizard, Setup DNS, MarketPowerPRO Videos, MarketPowerPRO Training, Submit a Help Desk Ticket, GoToMeeting, Contact MultiSoft, Compensation Plan Modeler, Developer APIs, Events Management
  • Reporting
    • Types of Reports, Quickbooks Export, Abandoned Cart Report

With all of these features available at a single click, operations and management should become much easier and quicker tasks giving you the time you need to focus on your business rather than your software.

While many of these features may have been available in prior menu versions, never before have they been so accessible to mobile devices.

With comScore reporting 2 of every 3 minutes of Digital Media going to mobile devices, mobile traffic isn't something that can be dismissed any longer. Mobile spending accounted for 1 of every $6 in digital commerce for the US in 2015 and that figure continues to grow.

If you haven't yet upgraded to a mobile responsive website for your business, now is a great time to take the leap!

If you have any questions about the new Administrator Menu or any other part of MarketPowerPRO, please reach out to your Account Executive or contact our offices at +1 239-945-6433 or sales@multisoft.com

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First off, Happy New Year from MultiSoft!

We hope all of you had a great New Year and you are ready for an incredible 2017! To start the year off right, we have something to share with you. 

Have you heard of BitCoin? Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money called cryptocurrency. It uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network. Through many of its unique properties, Bitcoin allows exciting uses that could not be covered by any previous payment system.

MarketPowerPRO now allows you to accept BitCoin payments through BitPay (https://bitpay.com). This new module can now be made available to you for a nominal fee. 

Note: Clients must provide MultiSoft with both the Token and Pairing Code for their BitCoin account and run either a test or real transaction within 24 hours to prevent them from being invalidated by BitCoin processes. Additionally, BitPay cannot be used for AutoBilling as the user is required present for the transaction. 

BitCoin has increased in popularity and value over the past several years and is likely to only continue growing. 

To add BitCoin payment capability to your site today, contact your Account Executive Now!

MultiSoft Corporation

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12/23/2016 - Happy Holidays from MultiSoft!
Posted by Patrick Taylor on 23 December 2016 09:25 AM


Happy Holidays

All of us here at MultiSoft want to wish all of our client friends and family the warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a very happy new year filled with health, happiness, and spectacular success! 

Please note, all company offices will be temporarily closed on December 26th and again on January 2nd. 

For minor issues or questions, please visit our Helpdesk (helpdesk.marketpowerpro.com) for our FAQ or to submit a trouble ticket.

In the event of an emergency, Please call our emergency support line at +1 866-946-4508 

We apologize for any inconvenience, your understanding is greatly appreciated.

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12/15/2016 - MarketPowerPRO – Here We Grow Again – Introducing PayQuicker
Posted by Patrick Taylor on 16 December 2016 10:01 AM

Introducing PayQuicker, A Distributor Payment System Built For MLM's

PayQuicker Logo

If you are not already acquainted, we would like to introduce you to one of MultiSoft's newest trusted partners, PayQuicker LLC (http://www.PayQuicker.com/), a leading global payments provider offering domestic and global payment solutions for direct selling organizations.

PayQuicker has been serving Direct Selling Organizations since 2007 with the industry’s leading outbound commission payment platform. PayQuicker’s proprietary No Cost Instant Payments™ system allows for seamless integration with their client’s back-office software. PayQuicker’s real-time APIs deliver a premier user experience within the client’s own ecosystem. Distributors live-the-brand utilizing direct-linked cards that feature their client’s logo and give them immediate access to their earnings in the currency of their choice anywhere in the world. PayQuicker’s slogan is simple: ‘Happy Distributors’. PayQuicker exists to empower independent distributors to love the brand they represent. PayQuicker helps to accelerate the global expansion of Direct Selling Organizations and delivers a truly remarkable client service experience.

“Our mutual principles of marketplace integrity, delivering extraordinary value to clients, and delivering leading-edge technology solutions for the Direct Selling industry make this partnership an ideal match. The partnership with MultiSoft will increase the velocity and ease with which direct selling organizations can expand globally and create happy distributors.” - Jeff Krantz, EVP of Sales & Marketing, PayQuicker

“We chose to integrate with PayQuicker due to their dedication to the network marketing, multi-level marketing, direct sales industry, their desire to empower distributors worldwide and most importantly because of the staff and ownership at PayQuicker.” - Robert Proctor, CEO and President, MultiSoft Corporation.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our offices at
239-945-6433 / 1-888-415-0554 or +66 888 750 538


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