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We are pleased to announce today you can now upgrade your MarketPowerPRO MLM software site to a mobile (responsive/adaptive) website.

You may recall several months ago we introduced the brand-new drag-and-drop WYSIWYG content editor with 450 page layouts you could implement on any page in your website. This was the start of preparing for the MarketPowerPRO mobile responsive and adaptive website design system.

We are pleased to inform you as of today we have completed the mobile adaptive framework which is now available for upgrade on your website. This means all the front-end public pages including your home page, the internal pages, your shopping cart, the distributor enrollment system, retail customer shopping cart and sign up, distributor and customer log in as well as the policies and procedures, terms and conditions, privacy policy and much more can now be made available for mobile implementation.

Statistically over 50% of the visitors to your website are using a mobile device and over 16% of your visitors are using a tablet device. This means you have potentially 66% of visitors to your website requiring a mobile (responsive / adaptive) layout. If your website is not mobile ready you are potentially losing some if not all those potential customers, distributors, and sales.

MultiSoft is now offering you the ability to upgrade your current website to the MarketPowerPRO mobile adaptive responsive system as follows.

• We have developed 16 professional website designs which are completely mobile adaptive responsive available; you can view all the designs here: http://www.mlmbuilder.com/site-design/. For a one-time fee of only $500 MultiSoft will update your current website design to any one of these new website designs. This will include updating the home page and internal page designs to the new design selecting, implementing your logo, modifying the site design colors to match your logo, and copying over your current home page into the new look and feel to be 100% mobile.

• If you want to retain your current website design and have it converted to mobile (adaptive / responsive) the one-time design modification to mobile is only $2500. Your website will retain its current look, feel and design however it will become mobile (adaptive / responsive) ready.

It is important to understand the internal pages will not mobile adaptive responsive until they are placed into the new drag-and-drop editor that was rolled out several months ago to you at no-charge.

If you have not done so already you can go in and update all your pages at no charge to the new drag-and-drop editor. If, however you would prefer MultiSoft update your pages to mobile adaptive responsive using the new drag-n-drop system, we can do so at a fee of only $100 per page; regardless if the page scrolls for one time or 5 times past the scroll it's only a cost of $100 per page.

If you are interested in upgrading to the MarketPowerPRO mobile (responsive / adaptive) framework please e-mail us at sales@multisoft, contact your account executive, or call us directly at 239-945-6433 during normal U.S. hours to speak with your account executive or a customer support representative to begin the process of moving forward with your new mobile adaptive responsive website design.

Thank you very much

Robert Proctor
CEO / President
MultiSoft Corporation


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11/10/2016 – MarketPowerPRO – Here We Grow Again – New Features
Posted by Patrick Taylor on 10 November 2016 09:38 AM

MultiSoft is constantly striving to provide the strongest, most robust, and most useful software to our clients. MarketPowerPRO is ever evolving to provide new features and enhancements to improve its usefulness and ultimately to help our clients become more successful in their own businesses.

This week we have several new features and enhancements to announce.

·         Payment and Funding:

o   A new funding partner is now offered, PayQuicker (www.PayQuicker.com). We are now capable of sending funds to distributors through the PayQuicker platform.

o   PayWise Gateway (https://www.PayWise.co.in/)  is now supported. This gateway supports Tokenization, a strong method of data security.

o   New Payment Method; Papaya Wallet (https://www.Papaya.eu/)

·         Accessibility Features - Our User Management Interface has been updated to include the ability to display your MultiSoft eWallet Account Number in your User Profile.

·         New Security Features – new Captcha options are now available for use on enrollment, checkout, and login.

If you have any questions about these or any other features of your MarketPowerPRO software, please contact your MultiSoft Account Executive or Customer Support at helpdesk@multisoft.com or by calling +1 239-945-6433

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MultiSoft Corporation and PayQuicker Announce Strategic Partnership
Posted by Patrick Taylor on 03 November 2016 09:42 AM

MultiSoft Corporation and PayQuicker announce strategic partnership to integrate and provide the PayQuicker global payment platform to MultiSoft’s direct selling companies and their independent sales representatives worldwide.

Cape Coral, FL – October 31, 2016 – MultiSoft Corporation (www.multisoft.com), an industry recognized veteran and leader in MLM Software, multilevel marketing  commissions and back-office software provider announced today they have partnered with PayQuicker LLC (www.payquicker.com) a leading global payments provider offering domestic and global payment solutions for direct selling corporations with unique payment needs.

The new partnership will enable seamless integration between MultiSoft’s MarketPowerPRO back-office software and commission calculation systems and PayQuicker’s global payment platform. Together, the systems will provide a single, unified back-office commission payment solution for direct selling organizations and their distributors.

Benefits of the partnership include significantly shortened implementation times, lower integration costs, and a cohesive payments experience for distributors across multiple payout channels.

With this agreement, MultiSoft becomes one of PayQuicker’s trusted partners. As such, MultiSoft will now have the ability to leverage PayQuicker’s payment platform to offer a variety of payment methods to direct selling companies and their distributors world-wide.

As Jeff Krantz, EVP of Sales & Marketing at PayQuicker noted, “We are delighted to partner with MultiSoft, a leading provider of back-office software for direct selling organizations. Our mutual principles of marketplace integrity, delivering extraordinary value to clients, and delivering leading-edge technology solutions for the Direct Selling industry make this partnership an ideal match. The partnership with MultiSoft will increase the velocity and ease with which direct selling organizations can expand globally and create happy distributors.”


Robert Proctor, CEO and President of MultiSoft stated “We choose to integrate with PayQuicker due to their dedication to the network marketing, multilevel marketing, direct sales industry, their desire to empower distributors world-wide and most importantly because of the staff and ownership at PayQuicker.


The MarketPowerPRO MLM Software application will be seamlessly and fully integrated with the PayQuicker systems.  From creating accounts in real-time to notifying PayQuicker to send debit cards, to funding accounts with the click of a button from our back office MLM Software.  Additionally, representatives can utilize their PayQuicker account balance for “spend-back” including purchasing products and pay for their monthly Auto-Delivery / Auto-Subscription services.  PayQuicker will allow our clients and their representatives to run their businesses in real-time across the world with the knowledge commissions will be paid on-time, every-time and all the time.  

We are excited about the partnership and integration with PayQuicker and look forward to bringing this to our suite of world-wide clients in the coming weeks”.

About PayQuicker® ( http://www.payquicker.com)

PayQuicker has been serving Direct Selling Organizations since 2007 with the industry’s leading outbound commission payment platform. PayQuicker’s proprietary No Cost Instant Payments™ system allows for seamless integration with their client’s back-office software. PayQuicker’s real-time APIs deliver a premier user experience within the client’s own ecosystem. Distributors live-the-brand utilizing direct-linked cards that feature their client’s logo and give them immediate access to their earnings in the currency of their choice anywhere in the world. PayQuicker’s slogan is simple: ‘Happy Distributors’. PayQuicker exists to empower independent distributors to love the brand they represent. PayQuicker helps to accelerate the global expansion of Direct Selling Organizations and delivers a truly remarkable client service experience.

About MultiSoft Corporation (www.multisoft.com)
In operation since 1987, MultiSoft Corporation develops MLM software applications, including but not limited to, the commission calculation engine, for the network marketing, multilevel marketing, direct sales and party plan industries. From incubation and consulting through online real-time enterprise software solutions, MultiSoft Corporation is a trusted name in the network marketing and direct sales arenas. MarketPowerPRO (www.MarketPowerPRO.com) is MultiSoft Corporation’s flagship point-and-click MLM software application which empowers network marketing companies to manage their business 24x7x365 without relying on webmasters, designers or techies.


Jeff Krantz

EVP, Sales & Marketing


Office:   +1-585-228-9774

Mobile: +1-716-432-1202

400 Linden Oaks, Suite 320

Rochester, NY 14625



Robert Proctor

CEO / President

MultiSoft Corporation

Office:   +1-239-945-6433

Mobile: +1-239-839-4904

1723 SE 47th Terrace

Cape Coral, FL 33904


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New - Enhanced Registration Settings for Distributors and Customers Now Include the Following:

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Electronic Consent Policy
  • Refund Policy
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Shipping
  • AutoShip Policy
  • 30/70 Purchase Policy

Hi. This is Robert Proctor, president of MultiSoft Corporation. If you are a current client of MultiSoft and our MarketPowerPRO MLM software, you're going to be pleased to hear about this exciting announcement and enhancement that we have to your Market MarketPowerPRO MLM software.

If you're looking to start a network marketing company, and in need of MLM software, which is the backbone of your company, or you're considering changing your current MLM software provider, this may help you make a decision.

If you are like many of us, you've seen recent announcements regarding the FTC and some recent cases with a couple network marketing companies involved, and we foresaw this happening several months ago. One of the things that FTC and Attorney Generals and other organizations are looking for, as well as your merchant account providers and payment gateways are, what type of policies and procedures do you have, terms and conditions, spam policies, cancellation policies, etc. Hang on tight, and we're going to show you a new enhancement to the MarketPowerPRO MLM software system.

If you have any questions on how to setup the New Registration Settings on your Shopping Cart / Checkout and Enrollment pages please contact your MultiSoft Account Executive or Customer Support at helpdesk@multisoft.com or by calling +1 239-945-6433

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New - A Game Changer in Distributor Marketing, Recruiting and Selling - Social Media  meets Gamification (And MultiSoft and MarketPowerPRO has it!!)

Hi, this is Robert Proctor, and I have a very important question for you today.

Do you know why the distributors in your company are failing? Do you know they are leaving at an alarming rate? Do you know you have a window of 30-60 days to get a check in your new distributors hands, at least that covers their initial purchase, or they are going to leave?

Most importantly, do you know what you need to do to help them to succeed?

The Good News is now MultiSoft and MarketPowerPRO can help!!

MultiSoft Corporation and MarketPowerPRO are pleased to introduce you to a "Game Changer" in the network marketing industry that can help your distributors sell more products, recruit more reps, earn more money and turn your company into a powerhouse brand - check out the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XxqBYyFkV8.

Call your MultiSoft Account Executive or Robert Proctor at 239-945-6433 for more information.

We have been providing software to the network marketing industry since 1987, and I've personally been involved in this industry since early 2000. We have a unique perspective as being a back office provider and seeing what distributors that are successful do, and what distributors that aren't successful don't do.

There's three things that we consistently witness:

First, they fail to show up. I don't mean just show up physically, I mean show up mentally. They fail to show up.

Second, they fail to treat it like a real business. Even if it's a part time business, they fail to treat it like a real business.

Third, they fail to take action. They fail to take action on a daily basis. Imagine if you showed up to your job, you sat down, and you did nothing, and then at the end of the week you asked where your paycheck is.

Well, a large number of your distributors are doing the same thing!

What if we could change the tide a little bit? What if we could go back to when we were kids, we were all conditioned that if you did something good for the teacher, if you got a good grade, you got something. I've asked a lot of people this question, what did the teacher give you when you did something good? The answer was, a gold star.

When we all graduated high school we got a degree, and if you graduated college you got a degree.  We're all used to what we call challenges and rewards. What if we could turn challenges and rewards into a software application that would, not force, but motivate your distributors to show up, take action on a daily basis, and treat it like a real business?

Most distributors, and I've been on myself, they open their laptop, they open their computer, and they look and there's no distributors for today that are signed up, no new customers for today, they haven't made any new sales, and they haven't made any commissions, and they usually shut off the computer, close the laptop and they go back to their daily grind. 

What if when they logged into your back office  they actually had something that challenged them, and they knew if they completed those challenges that they would be rewarded for the challenges they completed?

Well, guess what, we have got a software application that takes gamification, challenges and rewards, and motivates your distributors to show up, to treat this like a real business, and to take action on a daily basis.  And better yet, everytime they login to their back office they are reminded of this.

MultiSoft Corporation and MarketPowerPRO are pleased to introduce you to a "Game Changer" in the network marketing industry that can help your distributors sell more products, recruit more reps, earn more money and turn your company into a powerhouse brand - check out the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XxqBYyFkV8.

Call your MultiSoft Account Executive or Robert Proctor at 239-945-6433 for more information.

MultiSoft Corporation

Here We Grow Again

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